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Existing Conditions

Barrington Middle School was constructed in 1958, with additions completed in 1968. The existing facility is deteriorating and does not support a 21st century middle school education.  The building does not meet several state and federal codes including building, life safety and ADA accessibility. 

Barrington Middle School was one of only 14 schools – out of 276 in the state – to receive the lowest rating of “poor” in a 2013 statewide analysis of school building conditions.

Existing conditions for the facility include:

  • The building is deteriorating including broken or missing shingles, cracked bricks, and rust.

  • Foundation walls are cracking.

  • The roof is near the end of its useful life. The roof is totally flat with no pitch to drains allowing for ponding water and water infiltration. The roof membrane is cracking and shingles are broken or missing allowing for water infiltration.

  • Interior walls are cracking.

  • The majority of the electrical and plumbing systems are original to the building and are at the end of their useful life.


  • There are no sprinklers in the building.


  • The building and site are not compliant with ADA accessibility codes including restrooms, workstations, seating areas, stairs, handrails, signage and door hardware.


  • There is deteriorating pavement and guardrails on the site.


  • The kitchen area is congested and under equipped.  Ovens are antiquated and not energy efficient


  • Multiple traffic routes create conflicting drop-off and pick-up locations.

  • Clock and speaker fixtures are not working in many rooms.

  • Natural light is lacking throughout the building.


View additional existing conditions pictures below.  For a full report of the existing conditions findings, please click here.

Basement Flooding